The Playoff Push: March 9, 2024

9 games today (all 18 teams in action)


New England Division

Junior Bruins (No. 4) at South Shore (No. 2)

Cyclones (No. 5) at Twin City (No. 6)

Islanders Hockey Club (No. 1) at Utica (No. 3)


The third and fourth places are settled. Islanders are up by three points on South Shore. IHC’s magic number is 6. These teams will face each other twice to end the season.


The Cyclones are up three points on Twin City. Twin City have a game in hand. The Cyclones’ magic number is 8.



Atlantic Division 

Mercer clinched second yesterday with Connecticut’s loss to the Rockets. Combine that with P.A.L.’s loss to the Hitmen and you have two points separating third from last. Today’s last place team, WBS have a game in hand on the others they are chasing.


P.A.L. (No. 1) visits the Hitmen (No. 5), Rockets (No. 3) host Connecticut (No. 4) and Mercer (No. 2) travels to face the WBS Knights (No. 6). None of the bottom 4 can clinch today.


Mountain Division

In the Mountain, Provo (No. 3) visits Pueblo (No. 4), Ogden hosts Rock Springs (No. 6) and Idaho Falls (No. 5) host Utah. Ogden and Utah are tied for first. Ogden have two games in hand. One of them will host Provo and the other will draw the team emerging from Pueblo vs. Idaho Falls race.