USPHL is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its participant’s physical, emotional, and social development and to ensure that it promotes an environment free from abuse and misconduct.  As part of this commitment USPHL will be following the recommendations and guidelines defined in the MySport Program Handbook.

The USPHL was formed and organized to foster the development of hockey skills and knowledge of those players, coaches, managers and officials who participate in the USPHL.  To establish and enforce rules (I) governing the conduct of play of hockey games between Teams, (ii) governing the relationships among players, Teams, Member Clubs and the USPHL, and (iii) ensuring a high standard of skill and fair play, integrity and good sportsmanship.

The USPHL expects its players to understand the words responsibility, commitment and achievement. We prepare our players for the long-term future as productive citizens while constantly reminding them to give the game of hockey its due respect for lessons learned.  The USPHL believes that each student athlete who follows and understanding the values instilled are destined to become adults who are committed and driven for success.

Discipline – Student athletes learn that discipline is required is while participating in sports and that remaining dedicated and exercising self-control even when challenged will allow them to learn and achieve to maximize their abilities.

Team Work and Sacrifice – The value of teamwork cannot be expressed enough. Sacrifice of an individual goal for the common goal of a group will assist them in their accomplishments tomorrow.

Sportsmanship – The USPHL believes that creating an atmosphere of fairness, respect and graciousness will allow student athletes to learn a sense of fair play and will assist in fostering relationships inside and outside of sports for their lifetimes.

Integrity – Be committed to the highest sense of integrity in and outside of sports.  Be honest and respectful members of the community.