SCOUTCAST™ will be a technologically and analytically driven broadcast, catered directly at NCAA and NHL scouts viewing on FloHockey. Content will include detailed stat packages, InStat analytics diving deep into the aspects of each matchup, and academic information and aspirations of each-and-every athlete on-ice.

SCOUTCAST™ will launch in 2022-2023 with a 7-game schedule, encompassing one broadcast with all 14 teams in the National Collegiate Development Conference (NCDC).

Game broadcasts will fall mostly mid-week in the afternoon hours, allowing scouts and college coaches to watch live while their teams are less likely to be on the ice.

All SCOUTCAST productions will be available with a paid subscription to HockeyTV, the Official Broadcast Home for the United States Premier Hockey League and National Collegiate Development Conference

For more information and the full broadcast schedule, head to