#USPHLPlayoffs – The Watch List: February 26, 2023

An update to yesterday’s Watch List:

New Teams that have clinched playoff berths since yesterday

P.A.L. Jr. Islanders (NCDC)

P.A.L. Jr. Islanders (Premier)

Rockets Hockey Club (Elite)

New York Aviators (Elite)



All three Sunday games are in the South Division and none of them will change the standings

Mercer, Connecticut and the Rockets are the three teams vying for two remaining spots, and they will be for some time.


Hershey (sixth) visit Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (second)
Elmira (seventh) hosts the Aviators (first)
P.A.L. (eighth) hosts Utica (four)

P.A.L. will visit the Aviators in the playoffs.

Elmira and Hershey will finish today. Elmira is down by one point to Hershey and will stay in seventh pending an upset today.

A Utica loss gives the idle Rockets sole possession of third. If Utica win, they will need a two-game sweep next weekend to finish third, when they host the Rockets for two games.

We have a three-way points tie with 41 points for 5-6-7

Ox-Blades-Isanti. Tiebreakers will be the determining factor. All three teams are visitors next weekend, so where to go is what’s at stake.

Playoff pairings:
Isanti visit Squatch
Steele County visit Moose
Ox visit Riverkings
Head to head
Ox:Isanti  6:2
Blades:Isanti 7:2
Blades:Ox  4:4
Most Wins
Blades:Ox  19:19
Ox: minus 19
Blades minus 26

Motor City (third) hosts Battle Creek
Fort Wayne (first) hosts the Cougars (fourth)
A Motor City win gives them third place , based on winning percentage. They played a 43-game schedule. Cougars need a win and a Motor City loss

Playoff pairings set.
San Diego (fourth) will visit Fresno (first)
Las Vegas (second) will host Ontario (third)

Idaho Falls clinched fifth, relegating Provo to sixth

Idaho Falls (fifth) hosts Northern Colorado (third)
Pueblo (fourth) hosts Vernal
If NoCo wins, they will finish third and Pueblo will finish fourth



Rogue Valley (fourth) pulled ahead of Bellingham (fifth) with a win last night

Rogue Valley will go to Vernal next weekend, based on the tie-breaker. Today’s Rogue Valley vs. Bellingham result could make the tiebreaker moot.



Carolina (fifth) hosts Charlotte (first)
Potomac (second) hosts Richmond (third)

Charlotte takes first, based on the H2H with Potomac notwithstanding game results.

Nashville still sit in fourth and are still done for the season.

Carolina are one point behind with two games remaining with the Rush. Carolina hold the tie breaker vs. Nashville.

Nashville can only wait to see if the Rush can help them out. Interestingly, there is an unscheduled game remaining between the Canes and the Rush. Today will render it meaningless or mandatory.



In the North, the standings are set. Not yet in the Mid-Atlantic.

In a repeat of yesterday,

Elmira (sixth) host the Aviators (fourth)
The Rockets (third) host P.A.L. (fifth)
The Hitmen (second) visit Hampton Roads.

The next Hitmen win or Aviator loss will clinch second and home ice.

In the Florida Division, the standings are set.

Palm Beach hold the tiebreaker over Atlanta and will finish 3rd. They will face Tampa

Atlanta, at fourth will play the Eels

In the Southeast,

Carolina (1) host Charlotte (3)

Potomac (2) host Richmond (4) next week

First and fourth are set. With one game left each, the Patriots are a point up on the Rush. A Charlotte loss today will give Potomac sole rights to second. Otherwise, wait until March 4.