The Playoff Push: March 17, 2024

4 games today, 10 total remaining. (2 NE, 2 Atl, 6 Mtn)
New England
Standings are set. Last two games of the regular season today.
Connecticut (No. 6) hosts Mercer (No. 2) at 1:20 p.m.
P.A.L. (No. 1) visits WBS (No. 6) at 1:00 p.m.
WBS (No. 5) won last night. The Knights will clinch the Play-In Game spot unless the Connecticut Jr. Rangers win in regulation and WBS loses in regulation.
In that case, they would both have 47 points and the Rangers hold the head to head v WBS…12:5
No games today; the final six games are next weekend.
Two shootout wins last night. Ogden clinched the Mountain Division regular season title, so Utah (No. 2) will host Provo (No. 3) in the postseason.
Idaho Falls (No. 4) is up two points on Pueblo (No. 5). Each have two games left.
Pueblo holds the tiebreaker 15:7
So, next weekend, Idaho Falls clinches if:
1. They grab three points vs. Provo
2. They grab two points vs. Provo and Pueblo grabs less than four points vs. Rock Springs.
3. Spud Kings grab one point and Pueblo grabs less than three
4. They grab zero points and Pueblo grabs less than two.
Otherwise, Pueblo goes to Ogden.