The Playoff Push: Feb. 23, 2024

By USPHL Staff

In The Playoff Push, we will take a look at the busiest game days’ most integral games in regards to teams clinching playoffs or clinching specific playoff berths, as we head down the stretch toward the end of the regular season in early March.



3 Games Tonight

In the East, South Shore (No. 2 New England) hosts Mercer (No. 2 Atlantic) in one of those inter-Division matchups that didn’t fit into a showcase. The logjam in the Atlantic will take more than one lumberjack to clear. The magic number for Mercer to clinch is 5 vs. the Jersey Hitmen (No. 6). With a win today, South Shore can finish no lower than third, with first still a possibility.

In the Mountain, Ogden’s magic number is now 2 vs. Provo to clinch home ice. Utah (No. 2) hosts Ogden (No. 1) today, while Idaho Falls (No. 4) host Pueblo (No. 5).The Spud Kings are up a point on Pueblo with two games in hand. If Idaho Falls can keep up the pace, they can clinch.

P.A.L. have four teams chasing them for the Founders Cup. A Utah loss today would cut the chaser list to third. Tomorrow, all 18 teams are in action.