The Playoff Push: Feb. 18, 2024


4 games today

The Mountain Division is idle.

In the Atlantic, the range from second to sixth has tightened between .524 to .407. Three of the six games at Foxboro yesterday went into extra innings. Points were distributed 8-7 in favor of New England.

Utica’s (No. 3) magic numbers vs. the Cyclones (No. 5) and Thunder (No. 6) have shrunken to 3 and 1 respectively, factoring in head-to-head.

All that Utica needs to clinch a berth today is a point vs. Mercer (No. 2 Atlantic) or a regulation loss by Twin City (No. 6 New England), who tackle the Jersey Hitmen (No. 6 Atlantic).

In the Mountain, Pueblo (No. 5)  gained more ground on Idaho Falls (No. 4) yesterday. The Spud Kings lead the Bulls by one point with two games in hand. But Idaho Falls’ magic number vs. Pueblo remains double digits.

P.A.L. will still have four teams chasing them for the Founders Cup when the weekend ends. South Shore (No. 2 New England), who plays WBS (No. 5 Atlantic), is in action today. They can gain or lose ground, but they won’t exit the list.