NCDC Announces Rosters For Young Guns All-Star Game On Jan. 15

Note: The following article has been updated to reflect recent roster changes due to injuries. 

By Joshua Boyd / 


The National Collegiate Development Conference is proud to reveal its 2024 Young Guns All-Star Game rosters. The game will see a start time of 12:20 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Below is a listing of the rosters for both team. The selection process started in late November with nominations by NCDC organizations (as well as non-NCDC organizations), voting by NCDC coaches and the final roster selection process overseen by the Young Guns All-Star team coaches with assistance from NCDC executive leadership. 

Note: The Mountain Division, in their inaugural year, focused on their recent NCDC Frozen Futures Showcase in Idaho Falls, which was a resounding success and look to participate in the 2024-25 all-star event.  

Rosters are subject to change. 

Graphics show NCDC/USPHL organizational affiliations. As seen in the detailed rosters below, not all players on roster graphic are current NCDC players. 


NCDC Young Guns Game – Team Atlantic 

Coaches: Jared Jersner, Rockets Hockey Club; Jim Henkel, Connecticut Jr. Rangers


Jakob Hanlan, Rockets Hockey Club (2007)

Daniel Daggett, Rockets Hockey Club 18U (2006)

Finn Laffey, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders 16U (2007) 



Kristopher Richards, Rockets Hockey Club 16U (2007 – St. Lawrence commit) 

Landon Watson, Rockets Hockey Club 18U (2006)

Jackson Accardi, Rockets Hockey Club 16U (2007)  

Ryu Shirozu, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders NCDC (2006)

Kirill Golubev, Potomac Patriots (2007) 



Christian Chouha, Rockets Hockey Club 18U (2006, Princeton commit) 

Porter Byrd-Leitner, Rockets Hockey Club 18U (2006, Colgate commit) 

Frantisek Netusil, Rockets Hockey Club (2007, Western Michigan commit) 

Ryan Lukko, Rockets Hockey Club 18U (2006 – St. Lawrence Commit)

Daniel Hussa, Rockets Hockey Club 16U (2007)

Vincent Bronzo, Rockets Hockey Club 18U (2006)

Matthew Dabrowski, Rockets Hockey Club 16U (2007) 

Elijah Lilja, Rockets Hockey Club 18U (2006)

Devin Niles, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders NCDC (2006)

Tomas Smetanka, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders Premier (2006)

Markus Gentile, Springfield Pics 16U (2008) 

Lachlan Bommer, Hotchkiss School / Mercer Chiefs Draft Pick (2007)


NCDC Young Guns Game – Team New England 


Coaches: Dan Hodge, Twin City Thunder; Nevin Hamilton, Boston Junior Bruins 


Chase Murray, Northern Cyclones 16U (2007)

Lasse Winther Sorenson, Springfield Pics 16U (2007) 

Daniel Moor, Jersey Hitmen NCDC (2006) 



Ethan Gonyeau, South Shore Kings NCDC (2006)

Leo Mantenuto, Twin City Thunder NCDC (2006) 

Max Richler, Northern Cyclones 18U (2006)

Alexander Stamenov, Northern Cyclones 18U (2006) 

Algirdas Jaras, Springfield Pics 16U (2007) 

Ethan Tatomir, Jersey Hitmen Premier (2007)



Jackson Delleo, Boston Junior Bruins NCDC (2006) 

Charlie Zetterqvist, Northern Cyclones NCDC (2006)

Oliver Touchette, Northern Cyclones NCDC (2006) 

Jordan Bowman, Northern Cyclones 18U (2006) 

Cohlton Carmody, Northern Cyclones 15U (2008) 

Cooper Ludwar, Islanders Hockey Club 16U (2007) 

Karolis Janulis, Islanders Hockey Club 16U (2007) 

Nick Argento, Islanders Hockey Club 18U (2006) 

Tommy Holtby, Jersey Hitmen NCDC (2006)

Justin Ouellette, Jersey Hitmen NCDC (2006) 

Camden Prier, Jersey Hitmen NCDC (2006) 

Note: Rosters have been adjusted for positional balance, and divisional alignments do not restrict player All-Star team designations.