NCDC To USHL Advancement: Rockets Hockey Club’s Blanton Joins Sioux City, Will Make Game Debut Tuesday

The National Collegiate Development Conference and the Rockets Hockey Club join together in congratulating Rockets NCDC forward Sam Blanton on earning a call-up to the United States Hockey League’s Sioux City Musketeers. Blanton is confirmed to be in the lineup for the Dec. 5 Musketeers game against the Sioux Falls Stampede.

Blanton, an ’04 native of Carrollton, Texas, and a product of the Dallas Stars Elite program, has scored an 11-13-24 line in 22 games for the Rockets this season.

Tuesday’s game will be his USHL debut, though Blanton was previously a 2022 USHL Draft Selection.

Blanton is able to benefit from the close working relationship that is a byproduct of the family relationship between Rockets Head Coach Jared Kersner and his brother, Sioux City Head Coach Jason Kersner. Jason was head coach for the Rockets from 2020 through 2022 – his departure to Sioux City cleared the way for Jared to step into the lead role for the Rockets.

“We couldn’t be more proud and excited for Sam to make his USHL debut tomorrow with the Sioux City Musketeers. Sam has been really good for us this season. He is a dual threat player every time he has the puck. A really good shot has led to 11 goals, and he has great vision and playmaking ability for the 13 assists,” said Jared Kersner. “Our No. 1 goal at the Rockets is player advancement. Sam is our fourth player to move to the USHL during the season since I began coaching here. That is the best part of this league. [The NCDC] is a great place to develop and get junior expierence and allows our players to move freely to the USHL and back with no red tape. We look forward to continuing to develop great young players and move them on.”

The NCDC and Rockets wish Sam the best of his luck during his time with the Musketeers.