USPHL Announces Sale Of NCDC Provo Predators; Relocating To Casper, Wyoming

Also: West Chester Wolves purchase Atlanta MadHatters


The United States Premier Hockey League (“USPHL”) is pleased that the Provo Predators of the NCDC are being purchased by Christopher Reaves. Mr. Reaves, a driven entrepreneur, and dedicated family man is excited to embark on an exciting new chapter as the owner of the hockey team relocating to Casper, Wyoming.

Celebrating 25 years of marriage this year and a proud father of four, Mr. Reaves has developed a keen understanding of financial and investment strategies over the last 25 years, laying the groundwork for a successful career across multiple businesses.

During this time, he honed his skills in budgeting, analysis, strategic planning, and uplifting people with diverse backgrounds. He harbors a fervent belief in the power of individual empowerment, which he integrates into his leadership style. Mr. Reaves is thrilled to bring hockey to Casper and is confident that it will be a great move to call this new hockey team home.

He looks forward to the day when players’ grandparents proudly wear Casper hockey gear, a testament to the community’s pride and lasting legacy. With his combination of financial acumen, interpersonal skills, passion for hockey, and commitment to community engagement, Mr. Reaves is poised to lead his team to new heights both on and off the ice.

Information about the team can be found on social media channels using @casperncdc.

“This transaction is validation of the USPHL’s NCDC West strategy as hockey continues to boom in the Mountain States,” said Interim Commissioner, Murry N. Gunty. “We had significant interest in the team and we were fortunate enough to be able to bring a strong owner like Christopher Reaves into the league.”

“I am excited to begin my journey into the world of sports ownership,” said Christopher Reaves, new owner of the Casper NCDC team. “I look forward to bringing a championship to the good people in the town of Casper, Wyoming. Our first step is to work with our fan base to develop a team name that best represents the town.”

– In other USPHL news, the West Chester Wolves purchased the Atlanta MadHatters, adding a second Premier team to their organization. This move by West Chester shows the strength of their organization and the depth of their commitment to the USPHL.


About the United States Premier Hockey League

Founded in 2012, the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) is comprised of over 150 teams, fielding more than 20,000 players aged 8-21 in more than 100 organizations across the North, South, Midwest, West, and Canada. Our Junior Divisions consist of the National Collegiate Development Conference (NCDC), a tuition-free, Tier 2 Junior hockey division and our Premier & Elite Divisions, all geared toward college and pro placement.

Our youth & midget divisions (operated through the Tier 1 Hockey Federation) field full season 9U thru 18U teams. The USPHL has sent over 8,000 players to all levels of college hockey including over 3,300 into NCAA college hockey and over 200 players into NCAA Division I hockey. The USPHL has also had 17 players who played in the NCDC drafted by NHL teams.